Lenny Martelli, born and raised outside Philadelphia in Norristown, PA, is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. By the age of 5, Martelli started playing drums and football, learning early that discipline and work ethic were needed to achieve the best results. The competitive nature grew in him and the challenge to push himself in sports coincided with the challenge to learn more instruments which led to piano, guitar, and much more. To Lenny, music and football were synonymous when it came to working hard to perfect his crafts and reach the dream of playing in front of a crowd one way or another.


However, in 2010, football wouldn’t be an option anymore. At just 15, Martelli suffered a spinal cord injury after breaking his neck during a snowboarding trip. The accident would leave him paralyzed from the chest down with the prognosis of never being able to walk again. The aforementioned discipline and work ethic, along with incredible support from family and friends, and unwavering faith in God and himself to do whatever it took to recover, would serve to be the core elements in helping Martelli beat the odds. After intense, around-the-clock physical therapy treatments, Martelli was back on his feet just 3 months later, spending an additional 6 months in rehab to learn how to walk again.


At this point, Martelli knew that, in addition to his physical health, he had to put all his energy into music. During the accident, Martelli punctured a lung and was still recovering from the effects the paralysis had on his diaphragm, making simply talking exhausting. While he taught himself how to sing again, Martelli started to focus more on songwriting & being creative, spending the next 5 years performing with various bands around Philadelphia and the northeast. Ready to take things to the next level, he recorded a demo to start building his catalog. Lenny released that demo in 2015, which would be his first single as a solo artist. The song “Little Do You Know” would go on to gain over 1 million streams across digital platforms, proving Martelli was ready to take the next steps in making his dream a reality, and a career.


Lenny spent the next 3 years writing and recording in Nashville. In October 2019, Lenny released his debut EP. The 5 track record, produced by Noah Henson entitled "Just A Thought", features his first 3 singles, as well as 2 new songs - "When I'm With You" & the stand-out title track, "Just A Thought" - providing a rollercoaster of a listening experience. Henson, also known as the guitarist for christian-rock band Pillar and country music superstar Brantley Gilbert, produced the #1 debut EP “Closer” by Kane Brown. With a brand new release, Lenny continues to pound the pavement, playing as many live shows as possible and is excited for the direction his music is heading... "The past few years have been a very thorough development process as both an artist and songwriter - taking what I've learned along the way, I'm excited to go into 2020 and continue to prove that anything is possible!"

"Just A Thought" is available to download or stream - on all major platforms - now!